Are you experiencing king pin, tire-wear or alignment issues?

Chances are that it is due to a worn axle eye.

If this problem is ignored it can end up costing significantly more than if the axle had been fixed at the time of diagnosis.

Many current axle repair methods require the axle to be removed, resulting in extended down time. Other methods may mask the issue by using a soft sleeve that does not truly repair the problem but simply hides it temporarily.

DJ's doesn't hide the problem nor do we perform a temporary fix.

We're the only guys in town with the new

Stemco Kaiser APE


SPecializing in Engine overhauls


  • Clutch jobs

  • wheel seals

  • brake jobs

  • A/c service

  • truck pm's

  • rear ends

  • drive lines

  • wet kits

  • welding fabrication available

  • safety inspections

  • R12 - R134a - R22

  • laptop Mobility to trouble shoot & repair

  • ABS for Trucks & Trailers

  • Hard starts

  • no starts

  • hydraulic




we also provide diesel service on ford, dodge & chevrolet

DOT inspections